Case 2 3 explain how this may be good example of the src self reference criterion at work

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Lesson 6: Investigating an Outbreak

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International Marketing

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2. Give an example of one work problem and. Find an example of a company that has expanded its export/international marketing activity, or started such activity, and determine the company’s objectives for doing so and the results achieved. Q Explain how this may be a good example of the SRC (self-reference criterion) at work.

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Frank has a reference about himself and his way of manage the business, and he thinks that he is the best doing his job and that the others are wrong, but he doesn´t know that he is making a mistake doing the things without ethics.

This is a perfect example of the SRC, because he closed his view to. Published: Tue, 16 May Explain the concept of ‘self reference criterion’ and demonstrate its importance to a marketing firm planning to enter international markets for the first time. Marketing exam 3. STUDY.

PLAY. 2. accepting cultural differences 3. work with different cultural backgrounds to common objective.

Self-reference Criterion (SRC) an unconscious reference to one's own cultural values, experiences, and knowledge as a basis for decision. ethnocentrism.

Case 2 3 explain how this may be good example of the src self reference criterion at work
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