Good hooks for writing a story

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5 Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make

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How to Write a Hook for a Story

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Hooks are even used in song lyrics. I’m sure, on more than one occasion, you’ve fallen victim to an earworm (a set of lyrics that you can’t get out of your head).

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Click here to join the Ning and receive a free monthly writing. A Hook for Every Book. By: Paula Balzer Your hook is the element that is unique to your story.

Hooks are memorable, compelling and sometimes controversial. readers. Only after your hook does its job will you have the chance to keep them captured through your story and your writing style.

While not everyone can be the sole survivor of an. Writing Good Hooks For Stories and Articles If you ever started reading an article and found yourself thinking that the first few sentences were so intriguing or thought-provoking that you couldn't stop reading, that wasn't an accident.

Dec 20,  · Writing Tips - Seven Hooks to Tease your Reader. Updated on July 6, When I got the judges feedback, they commented on various qualities of the writing, the imagery, the visual story telling but most of all they said, the first paragraph made them want to read more.

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Good hooks for writing a story
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