How to write a good description for your story

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Ten Secrets To Write Better Stories

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Remember, people are looking for a reason to not buy your book, so having a good book description is key to keeping them on the purchasing track.

How to Write Your Book Description At Scribe, our copywriters use the Hook. 9 thoughts on “ How to Write Vivid Descriptions ” y0mbo August 30, at pm I find it difficult, especially when trying to get a basic plot down in a first draft, to remember to describe all the details going on around the characters.

Aug 06,  · Another good practice when writing your book description is to read as many book descriptions in your genre as possible. It's a great way to figure out what the industry standard is.

These descriptions become industry standards for one reason: they sell books. for where to start? Look no further. You Can Write a Novel, 2nd Edition, gives you concrete, proven techniques to get from idea to manuscript to bookstore.

Other writing/publishing articles & links for you: How To Write Middle Grade Horror: 7 Tips. How To Write A Pain-Free Story Description, Quickly. If you outlined your story this process should be relatively pain-free. If you didn't outline, answering these questions may help strengthen your story's structure.

Your practice descriptions might come in handy later on if you find yourself writing about the past.

(For a more structured practice session, follow the link above to a description writing exercise.)

How to write a good description for your story
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